Sunday, 8 April 2012

App Trailer (App like Junowallet)

I've been using Junowallet for quite some time now and I've only manage to rack up around $10(I'm lazy). To be honest I'm getting bored of Junowallet as I've ran out of apps and they add new apps once every 2-3 days which in my opinion is not enough and some people (like me) can't be bothered to invite people to write their code.

I did a research to find apps like Junowallet and I Came across a little app called App trailers. This app is very similar to Junowallet and works nearly in the same way, instead of having credits it has points Which after you have enough can be redeemed for things like amazon, eBay, PSN, Toys 'R Us and many more giftcards.

This app has more variety of giftcards and the best thing is you can redeem the points you've earned instantly for Paypal Cash!

As I said before the this apps works in *nearly* the same way as Junowallet, the difference is that instead of apps you're watching App trailer which are around 30-50 seconds to earn your points. The app also has more than 200 trailers to watch instantly and they add new trailers daily.

This app can be found in app store or Android Market by the name of App trailers. Be sure to signup from the settings before you start watching and write saifkhan0202 while signing up to get instant 250 points!!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, 23 March 2012

JunoWallet Glitched Codes

I'm Not Actually Giving out Any Codes but I'm Writing to Aware People that There are NO SUCH THINGS AS GLITCHED CODES! 

All Codes Give you Same Amount of Money that is $0.25 for Entering Code and $0.50 for Inviting People!

So If you Get a Message Or See a Comment on Youtube That Their CODE is GLITCHED , Don't Believe Them because They just want you to Enter Their Code! 

My Code is SK858053

What Is JunoWallet ?


JunoWallet is the #1 social, mobile rewards app turning simple tasks into gift cards.

Tasks :-

You Can Earn Money (JunoCredits) by:
1. Liking Facebook Pages ($0.25-$0.50)
2. Installing Apps Through JunoWallet ($0.03-$0.50)
3 Inviting Other People To The App.($0.50)

Android and iOS Only! (Market and App Store)


You won't Get Real money but you can use JunoCredits you Earn to Redeem Giftcards (Itunes,PSN,Ms Points etc)

How To Get Junowallet:-

Step 1: Go to Your Market(Android) or App Store(iOS) and search for JunoWallet)

Step 2: Download The App (It's Free) 

Step 3: Open The App JunoWallet 

Step 4: Sign Up With either your Facebook ID or Email Address. 

Step 5: While Signing Up , When Prompted to Enter Invite Code. Enter SK858053 This Will Give You Some Free JunoCredits to Start With!

Step 6: Start Liking Facebook Pages and Installing Apps to Earn. 

Step 7: REDEEM! When You've got Enough Credits , Get Your Giftcard! The Most Expensive Card is $20.00.

If You Work Hard You Can Earn Upto $20.00 Within 5 Days (Or Even Less than that!)